The Discerning Monkey Banana Bread

                • The Discerning Monkey Banana Bread is a premium banana bread made with 99% Australian ingredients.
                • It is made using sustainable RED TIPPED eco bananas exclusively from Queensland, free range eggs and natural greek style yoghurt.
                • The banana bread is available as whole and sliced loaves or as pre-packaged slices.
                • Delicious served just as is or toasted with lashings of butter. 
                • Currently flying on Virgin Australia airlines!
Red tipped eco bananas

Premium ingredients

The Discerning Monkey is a fussy guy!
He only uses the BEST ingredients in his banana bread such as RED TIPPED eco bananas from Queensland, free range eggs & natural Greek style yoghurt.
No wonder it is so good!

IMG_1691 (004)

Diverse range of products

Pack Formats Available:
* Whole Loaves
* Sliced Loaves
* Retail-Ready Slices

Flavours Available:
* Banana
* Banana, Apple & Raspberry

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Banana Bread (Plain)

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