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As we know refrigerators are great assets to any food business. Whilst they are running well I might add. Over all, they preserve the life of most products, and always give you that cool drink when needed.

What most people don’t realise is that they can also damage products, mostly through drying them out. There are some occasions however, where odours from other items send their smells around throughout the cabinet or room. These smells are a dead giveaway, so by keeping onions for example, in an air tight container and away from your cakes may help bring that customer back.

The one factor we can’t see or smell is the humidity level in your refrigerator. Most run on a low humidity because they are extracting the moisture out of the air, and release it out via a tube which some have running into a bucket. They work in much the same way as an air conditioner. Your skin gets dry if you are in an air conditioned environment for days on end, just like the products which you place in the fridge to keep cool.

For customers easy viewing we have no choice. The cakes must go out on display for approximately 8 to 10 hours. However, if you have excess of the same product, try storing it an air tight container in the bottom of the same unit, or on a shelf in the cool room. This could almost double the life of most products.

For the remaining 14 -16 hours the product stays in the same air drying conditions, which will deteriorate the quality. In some cases this will be beyond the point of being good for sale. If you were to cover them or place them in containers, you would be saving them from at least 14 hours of harsh conditions. For example place some glad wrap over the Lemon Tart could save its life. This will slow down the tops becoming leathery, and will have a great effect on cracking.

Just keep in mind, not all refrigerators are the same when it comes to humidity levels


Product Tips – Refrigerators

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